A Step Ahead Prosthetics Wellness products were created and tested by prosthetists and amputees, for amputees.

We’re proud to announce our two-step treatment regimen that we created to address the most common issues associated with residual limb discomfort and pain (in addition to a long list of other benefits!). Created based on decades of careful observation and the experiences of thousands of patients. We listened to you and got to work!

The “blue bottle” combines 1500mg of nano-emulsified oil extract with a proprietary ultra-low-friction silicone-based lubricant which virtually eliminates friction between the prosthetic liner and the residual limb skin. Aloe vera was also added, to help soothe sore areas during activities. The feedback from our testers was unanimous: FRICTION DEFENSE allowed them to work out at a higher level and for longer periods of time without irritation on what would otherwise be trouble spots (compared to not applying anything).


*Due to the nature of this product, and for the safety of our clients and staff, this product cannot be returned.